Shareholders' Meeting

Proposing Agenda AGM

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited (the “Company”) realizes the importance of shareholders and the practice of good corporate governance, with the objective for shareholder to receive the equitable treatment. The Company therefore gives the opportunity to shareholders to participate in proposing any issue which is important and appropriate to incorporate as the agenda of the Company’s Annual General Meeting year 2018 (AGM), and to propose a knowledgeable, qualified and suitable candidate to be considered as the Company’s director. The Board of Directors will then consider and prepare to incorporate such proposed issue as an agenda of the AGM 2018.

Shareholders wishing to propose an AGM agenda have to be the Company's shareholders (one shareholder or a group of shareholders) with shares held collectively not less than 1,000,000 shares or 0.06% of the Company's issued and paid-up capital.

For further details, please download the following:

1. Criteria and guidelines in proposing AGM agenda
2. Agenda Proposal Form
3. Consent Form

In case the Board of Directors has the resolution not to include such proposal as an AGM 2017 agenda, the Board must have adequate reasons and notify the shareholders who proposed the agenda accordingly.

The decision of the Board of Directors on such matter is deemed final. The Company reserves the right to consider the proposals which are complete with comprehensive supporting documents, and are in accordance with the above criteria. The proposed issues must be beneficial to the Company and overall shareholders and in accordance with related rules and regulations.