Funding & Bonds

Funding Policy

  • Maintain conservative leverage ratios
    • Debt / EBITDA not more than 2.5x
    • Debt / Equity not more than 1.0x
Dividend Policy
  • Not less than 50% of the net profit of the consolidated financial statements, depending on the business expansion and capital requirements of the Company each year
Funding and Liquidity
  • Manage liquidity as a group by using cash pooling system in order to minimize cost of fund and level of Group borrowing
  • BDMS has strong financial flexibility
  • Has uncommitted short – term bank facilities of THB 10,000 mm
Interest Rate Risk
  • Maintain appropriated proportion of fixed / floating interest rate debt
  • Current proportion: Fixed 85% : Float 15%
Currency Risk
  • Minimize currency risk by borrowing in THB or using hedging instruments

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