Funding & Bonds

BDMS Convertible Bonds

Zero Coupon THB 10.0 billion USD Settled Convertible Bonds Due in 2019

Maturity 5 years, commencing from the issue date
Issue Size

THB 10,000,000,000

Outstanding amount

THB 4,694,000,000 (as of 20 December 2018)

Currency THB-Denominated, USD-Settled
Issue Date 18 September 2014
Maturity Date 18 September 2019
Put Option Exercise On 18 September 2017, the convertible debentures holders had redeemed totaling of THB 1,560 million at principal amount of the convertible debentures. The Company has made the payment at the Early Redemption Price totally THB 1,656 million (106.152 percent of the principal THB 1,560 million).
Call Option At any time after 18 March 2017 (end of year 2.5), if the closing price of the Company's shares is at least 130% of the applicable Early Redemption Amount, divided by the effective Conversion Ratio

As of 14 June 2018, the convertible debentures holders have exercised their right to convert to Bonds accounting for THB 1,547 million into 73.5 million ordinary shares of the Company.

Coupon Zero
Redemption Price 110.462% of principal amount (Yield 2% p.a.)
Conversion Price THB 21.045 per one newly issued ordinary share
Trustee The Bank of New York Mellon
Secondary Market The Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited
BDMS Convertible Bonds Prospectus 7.08 Mb.